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MilitaryHomeStore is here to Help Our Heroes Find Homes! is the newest and most innovative site designed to search for and submit homes for sale and for rent near U.S. military installations.  We know it may be hard to find a military-friendly real estate agent to assist you with your transfer so we have located and partnered with agents from all around the country that will help you and your family with your move.  Plus keep up to date with mortgage, real estate & military news!

Our mission is to make the PCS (Permanent Change of Station) process easier for you and your family by combining all the resources you will need in one easy to use, informative destination.  We believe that finding the right house and the right people to trust should not add any more stress to this already stressful time. is offered by ListingZoo, LLC, a Virginia, Limited Liability Company founded by a "Navy brat," award-winning former real estate agent from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, concerns or ideas you may have to make our service even better!

Happy House Hunting!

~ MilitaryHomeStore Team

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