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4325 Will Street
Bradbury Heights, Maryland 20772

Single Family House
5 Bedrooms  |   2 Baths  |  1 Half Baths  |  2,700 Sq Ft

For Rent by Owner    

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Property Description  
5 Bedroom; 2 .5 Bathroom two-level split all brick house that features 2 eat-in kitchens. It is perfect for an extended family. The house has been recently renovated as follows: kitchen has all new stainless steel appliances including beautiful granite countertops, new hardwood cabinets and tiled floor. On the main floor there is a spacious living room/ dining room combination with working wood fireplace and bay windows with custom made wooden blinds. The main bathroom is very large and has been remodeled with new tub, toilet, vanity, sink, mirror and light fixture with tiled floor and linen closet. The Master bedroom includes a half bath that was remodeled to include new toilet, vanity, sink, mirror, new lighting and tiled. A cozy balcony is directly outside of the master bedroom that overlooks the lower deck directly below. There are two large bedrooms on the main floor for a total of 3 bedrooms. The lower level contains a very large laundry room with washer and dryer and a full bathroom that was also recently remodeled with tub, toilet, and pedestal sink, mirror, lighting and linen closet. The family room is large and carpeted which leads directly outside to the deck. The second eat-in kitchen is located next to the family room with new gas oven, sink, new refrigerator and updated flooring. There are two nice size bedrooms on the lower level. The total bedroom on the lower-level is 2. The property has a utility shed in the backyard for storage and a large composite deck for entertaining enjoyment! The entire house has been recently professionally painted throughout! It is a must see for a family, even better for an extended family (grandparents; or in-law suite) that can appreciate a warm home. Only a 5 minute commute to Andrews Air Force Base, 6 miles to Boiling or 10 minutes to the Navy yard in Washington DC. Just across the border into Washington DC convenient to the beltway 495 for access to Maryland and Virginia. …

Map for 4325 Will Street - Bradbury Heights - Maryland  

General Property Information  
Condition: Highly Updated
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2
Half Baths: 1
Square Feet: 2700 Sq Ft
Year Built: 1960
Number of Floors: 2

Rent Details  
Rent Term: Annual Lease
Rent Deposit: 1950
Rent to Own?: No
Pets Allowed: No

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Property Tax Records for 4325 Will St  
Last Assessment: 2017
Property Type: SingleFamily
Year Built: 1965
Lot Size: 6000
Property Size(sqft): 2700
Total # of Rooms:
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2.5
Last Sold Date: 12/06/1989
Sold For: $72,000

Current Assessed Value

Source: Public records

Neighborhood Information  

Recently Sold Comparable Properties  

  Address Last Sold Sold For Bed Bath Sq Ft Year
6513 Northam Rd
Temple Hills, MD  20748
06/13/2017 $290,000 4 3.0 2250 1963 $246,800 $301,717
6706 Middlefield Rd
Fort Washington, MD  20744
08/21/2017 $286,000 5 3.0 2184 1988 $250,100 $300,408
3623 Copperville Way
04/19/2017 $285,000 3 3.0 2415 1992 $262,000 $303,962
4360 Southern Ave SE
Washington, DC  20019
07/31/2017 $306,500 3 2.0 1679 1987 $214,370 $313,159
4296 Southern Ave SE
Washington, DC  20019
03/15/2017 $201,500 4 3.0 2304 1966 $210,120 $314,773
2215 Shadyside Ave
Suitland, MD  20746
04/24/2017 $319,900 4 3.0 2525 2007 $262,300 $321,235
4020 Clark St
Capitol Heights, MD  20743
02/15/2017 $200,000 6 4.0 1404 1948 $221,100 $243,318
4304 Urn St
Capitol Heights, MD  20743
07/31/2017 $188,000 3 2.5 1500 1978 $214,400 $229,487
4220 Will St
Capitol Heights, MD  20743
04/24/2017 $304,000 4 3.5 2200 2001 $315,100 $312,737
1519 Nova Ave
Capitol Heights, MD  20743
08/24/2017 $253,000 4 2.0 2240 1939 $208,800 $263,086

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Specific Property ID Numbers  
MHS Listing ID: MHS1222776

Additional Information  
Date Available: Nov 26, 2013

Comments on 4325 Will Street  
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Valeria Wynn
Member since November 2013

Phone: 3018857446
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It is NOT OK to contact this member with unsolicited email, advertisements or promotions of any kind.

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