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219 S. Main Street
Ridgeville, South Carolina 29472

Single Family House
5 Bedrooms  |   3 Baths  |  3,700 Sq Ft

For Sale by Agent    

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Property Description  
Golden opportunity for tradition lovers to open a Bed & Breakfast; have a venue for weddings,receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, rehearsal dinners and more. Open an antique store downstairs/live upstairs -- the potential is endless in this quaint, sleepy Southern town of Ridgeville. If you had visited this home from the turn of the 19th century, you could stop with your horses and let them drink from the pump still located in the front of the home. A full lazy front porch complete with swing and rocking chairs greets its visitors. Admire the numerous huge,old live oaks, camellia bushes and grand magnolia tree in the front. Many are towering trees, but also dogwood abide on around two acres. The traditional wide foyer leads to the living room and dining room that are separated with elegant French doors. The kitchen has a double oven, gas stove with ''pancake'' burner down the center, deep double stainless steel sinks, and antique chopping block in the center of the kitchen. All of the five (possible sixth or nursery) have potential for cozy fireplaces including the foyer and the living room. The Master Bedroom connects to a Sun Room as well as another bedroom. Both are downstairs. The other three (possibly fourth) are located upstairs with a huge sitting area adjacent to all of these bedrooms. The sitting area is conveniently equipped with a microwave, sink and cabinets. In addition, the possible sixth bedroom could be a Master walk-in closet, study, craft room or media room, etc. There is a three car carport with lots of storage with an attached room containing a shower, deep sink, and hot water heater. The hot water heater for the main house is new and uses gas. This choice location is within a very short walk to a fitness center and restaurants. Do not miss your chance to get away from the city and back to a quiet, simpler lifestyle And have the opportunity for a great investment.

Map for 219 S. Main Street - Ridgeville - South Carolina  

General Property Information  
Condition: Move-In Ready
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Square Feet: 3700 Sq Ft
Formal Living Room
Formal Dining Room
Family Room
Laundry Room
Fireplace: Classic Fireplace
Parking: 3.5 Car
Number of Floors: 2
Lot Size: 1.6 Acre
Eat-In Kitchen

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Property Tax Records for 219 S Main St  
Last Assessment: 2016
Property Type: SingleFamily
Year Built: 1906
Lot Size: 69696
Property Size(sqft): 3700
Total # of Rooms:
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3.5
Last Sold Date:
Sold For: $0

Current Assessed Value

Source: Public records

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Neighborhood Information  
Neighborhood: Historic Ridgeville

Recently Sold Comparable Properties  

  Address Last Sold Sold For Bed Bath Sq Ft Year
61 Highway 29472
Ridgeville, SC  29472
10/20/2017 $289,000 3 2.0 2044 1989 $165,212 $291,155
2054 Briar Bend Rd
Ridgeville, SC  29472
06/28/2017 $411,000 4 3.0 2500 2007 $269,838 $408,373
3007 Flat Rock Ln
Ridgeville, SC  29472
08/01/2017 $284,569 5 3.5 3459 2008 $243,629 $337,228
165 Saint Johns Ln
Ridgeville, SC  29472
08/01/2017 $299,000 4 3.0 2853 2004 $300,748 $383,861

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This Listing Provided By  
Seller Thumbnail
Michelle Bingham
Berkshire Hathaway Southern Coast

Visit Michelle's Agent Profile Page

Specific Property ID Numbers  
MLS number: 1415949
MHS Listing ID: MHS5302754

Additional Information  
Date Available: Jun 12, 2014

Comments on 219 S. Main Street  
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Michelle Bingham
Member since July 2014

MHS Url:
"I fell in love with the Charleston area while stationed here with the United States Navy, and absolutely LOVE calling Charleston my home."
Military Relocation Professional- I specialize in handling the real estate issues of the military community, am well informed on military real estate moves, benefits, and requirements.

Berkshire Hathaway Southern Coast

Address: 112 W Doty Ave. Suite C
City: Summerville
State: South Carolina
ZIP code: 29483
Time Zone: Eastern Time
phone mobile area: 843
phone mobile prefix: 300
phone mobile suffix: 8042
Are you a REALTOR®?: Yes
Specialties: Listing Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Short Sale, Relocation, Notary
Service Area: Charleston
Agent Service Areas 2: North Charleston
Agent Service Areas 3: Summerville
Licensed in: South Carolina
Agent Served?: Yes
Who Served?: Me
Branch: Navy
Military Status: Inactive Reserve
Years of Service: 10 Years
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL: MBinghamRealtor
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It is NOT OK to contact this member with unsolicited email, advertisements or promotions of any kind.

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