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127 Grand View Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23664

Single Family House
5 Bedrooms  |   3 Baths  |  1 Half Baths  |  3,133 Sq Ft

For Sale by Agent    

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Property Description  
For 24-hour detailed recorded information, please call 1-800-204-4703 and enter code 474! This beautiful house is located right on the Chesapeake Bay in Grand View and has one of the best views in the entire neighborhood! You have panoramic Easterly views of the Chesapeake Bay and views to the South of the White Marsh Beach. This home has an above ground pool, outside bar area w/ granite top, & extensive decking overlooking the bay. Inside features an open floor plan w/ living area w/ corner fireplace, open kitchen w/ double ovens, granite counters, & huge island, all w/ panoramic water views! House has a formal dining room, separate office area that currently doubles as a bar, huge master bedroom w/ additional sitting area & private deck overlooking the bay, master bath has jetted tub, separate shower, & walk-in closet. The ground level has two separate garage bays, each will fit 2 cars. This house has recently replaced roof & windows, and has great curb appeal and is fully decorated in a beach theme. This home is priced $50,000 below appraisal from 2016!

Map for 127 Grand View Drive - Hampton - Virginia  

General Property Information  
Condition: Move-In Ready
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Half Baths: 1
Square Feet: 3133 Sq Ft
Year Built: 1998
Formal Dining Room
Family Room
Media Room/Home Theater
Pool: Above Ground Pool
Parking: 4 Car+
Number of Floors: 3
Lot Size: .20 Acre

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Last updated: 02/20/2018
Last 30 Days: $-387

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Last 30 Days: $-43

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$3,414/mo   (Low)
$5,290/mo  (High)
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Property Tax Records for 127 Grand View Dr  
Last Assessment: 2017
Property Type: SingleFamily
Year Built: 1998
Lot Size: 8629
Property Size(sqft): 3133
Total # of Rooms: 10
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 4.0
Last Sold Date: 10/17/2002
Sold For: $321,000

Current Assessed Value

Source: Public records

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Neighborhood Information  
Neighborhood: Grand View
High School: Kecoughtan High School
Middle School: Syms Middle School
Elementary School: Asbury Elementary School

Recently Sold Comparable Properties  

  Address Last Sold Sold For Bed Bath Sq Ft Year
34 Finns Point Ln
Hampton, VA  23669
09/22/2017 $415,000 3 4.0 2975 1965 $376,500 $415,736
502 N First St
Hampton, VA  23664
08/22/2017 $750,000 5 6.0 3170 1995 $660,400 $750,452
1703 Beach Rd
Hampton, VA  23664
08/24/2017 $300,000 3 2.0 1749 1959 $291,900 $300,198
8 Alexander Dr
Hampton, VA  23664
05/23/2017 $299,900 4 3.0 2804 2006 $287,400 $299,289
778 N First St
Hampton, VA  23664
07/31/2017 $475,000 3 2.5 2882 1985 $505,300 $474,760
355 Mainsail Dr
Hampton, VA  23664
07/26/2017 $299,999 3 2.5 2323 1998 $286,600 $300,037
8 Gibbs Ct
Hampton, VA  23664
09/01/2017 $328,000 4 3.5 2508 2003 $300,700 $328,212
348 N First St
Hampton, VA  23664
07/10/2017 $280,000 3 3.0 1600 1984 $215,200 $274,320
14 Bay Front Pl
Hampton, VA  23664
04/03/2017 $750,000 3 4.0 4000 1999 $725,700 $Array
1 Sarfan Dr
Hampton, VA  23664
08/25/2017 $269,900 5 2.5 2731 1983 $252,500 $275,059

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This Listing Provided By  
Seller Thumbnail
Sam & Sherry Martin
Abbitt Realty Company, LLC

Visit Sam & Sherry's Agent Profile Page

Specific Property ID Numbers  
MLS number: 10159311
MHS Listing ID: MHS2034866

Additional Information  
Date Available: Jan 31, 2018

Comments on 127 Grand View Drive  
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Sam & Sherry Martin
Member since December 2014

On the web:
MHS Url:
I have been in real estate since 1999 and I am currently an associate broker with Abbitt Realty Company. I have been very blessed in my business earning in excess of the requirement for Platinum for the past 10 years for our local board. My wife, Sherry, is my buyer's agent and we would love to take care of any clients you send us.

Abbitt Realty Company, LLC

Address: 2114 Executive Drive
City: Hampton
State: Virginia
ZIP code: 23666
phone area: 757
phone prefix: 557
phone suffix: 6000
phone mobile area: 757
phone mobile prefix: 288
phone mobile suffix: 5838
Are you a REALTOR®?: Yes
Specialties: Listing Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Short Sale
Accreditations: CLHMS, CRS
Service Area: Hampton
Agent Service Areas 2: Newport News
Agent Service Areas 3: Yorktown
Agent Service Areas 4: Poquoson
Agent Served?: Yes
Who Served?: Child(ren)
Branch: Army
Military Status: Active Reserve
Facebook URL: sherryandsammartin
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It is NOT OK to contact this member with unsolicited email, advertisements or promotions of any kind.

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